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So, this is something I've thought about a hundred times, but after talking to some of my readers about it, I've decided to storm ahead with it, because why not! The idea of PBC is a place where authors can advise which books their releasing weekly, and readers looking for a specific list of paranormal books that are out can actually find them. I see them all the time for romance books, just not specifically paranormal/fantasy books.

I'm a solutions kinda gal, so I decided if I can't find one, I'll make one! So once a week (on a Tuesday) I'm going to do a blog post of all paranoramal/fantasy etc books releasing that week (disclaimer; it won't be ALL books, just those I can find or that authors submit to my list. Hoping to grow this as we go on!)

With this is mind, check back here weekly to get the list, or you can have it sent straight to your inbox if you sign up here.

I'm excited to get feedback on how we can grow PBC too, so if you have any ideas, I'm all ears!

I'm very excited about this! Let me know your thoughts <3

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