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New Paranoromal/Fantasy Book Releases

Updated: May 8, 2021

So this is week one... lets see how this goes shall we! Please feel free to comment with any I might've missed, because I do not claim to know all the things (LOL). I'm just a girl trying to share the love. I've gone back further than this week, just this once, since there's been so many new awesome books this month!

Also, I am super excited about a ton of these releases, so my kindle just got jammed aha.

Happy Release Week(ish) to all of these authors!

Feb 1 - Wild Moon (Kingdom of Wolves #1) by C.R. Jane & Mila Young - Paranormal Romance

Feb 4 - Rising Fate (Wolf Moon Academy #3) by Jen L. Grey - Paranormal Romance, YA

Feb 4 - Assembly (The Feral Souls Trilogy #2) by Erica Woods - Paranormal Romance, RH

Feb 5 - Her Wolves: A Rejected Mates Romance (Fall Mountain Shifters #1) by G Bailey - Paranormal Romance, RH

Feb 8 - Darkest Moon (Shadow Guild: Wolf Queen #1) by Linsey Hall - Paranormal Romance

Feb 8 - Bear Next Door (Midlife Shifters #1) by J.L. Wilder - Paranormal Romance

Feb 9 - Reckless Road (Torpedo Ink #5) by Christine Feehan - Paranormal Romance, MC

Feb 9 - Thrall of the Vampire King (Blood Fire Saga #4) by Bella Klaus - Paranormal Romance

Feb 9 - House of Deception (The Unrivaled #1) by Brandi Elledge - Dark Fantasy, YA

Feb 11 - Hell Hounds Don't Heel (Valkyrie Bestiary #3) by Kim McDougall - Paranormal Suspense

Feb 12 - Wildflower (Cricket Kendall #2) by Willow Hadley - Paranormal Romance, RH

Feb 14 - Heart Of Darkness (Transfusion Saga #10) by Stephanie Hudson - Paranormal Romance

Feb 15 - Alpha Hell: A Dark Rejected Mates Romance (The Rejected Mate Series #1) by G Bailey & Scarlett Snow - Paranormal Romance, RH

Feb 16 - Shades of Hate (Jacky Leon #5) by Jacky Leon - Paranormal Romance

Feb 16 - The Last Warrior (Shifters Unbound #13) by Jennifer Ashley - Paranormal Romance

Feb 16 - Witch's Curse (Shadow Weaver #1) by Sloane Murphy - Paranormal Romance

Feb 18 - Blood Bound (Blood Mafia #3) by Rory Miles - Paranormal Romance, RH

Feb 18 - Fall of the Alpha (Wolves of Mercaida #2) by Maya Riley - Paranormal Romance, RH

Feb 19 - Forged Wolf (Smoky Mountain Pack #1) by Lucia Ashta - Paranormal Romance, Dark Fantasy, Urban Fantasy

Feb 19 - A Cock & Bull Story (Banbury Shifter Tale #1) by M. J. Marstens - Paranormal Romance

Feb 19 - Demon Sworn (Darkest Flames #3) by Katie May and Ann Denton - Paranormal Romance, RH

Feb 22 - Catch Me, Alpha (God of War #2) by Emilia Rose - Paranormal Romance

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Thats all for this week folks, though I'm sure that will keep you going! I'll be back next Tuesday with next weeks releases.

Authors, want your book included? You can do that here!

Much Love

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