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It's time to spread some joy!

Morning everyone :D

Some of you might have guessed that I adore this time of year. Well since 2020 has been, well 2020, I'm going to do something a little *extra* this year.

Which brings me to....

The 12 days of Christmas

What is this I hear you say? Well.... On the odd dates in December I will be posting a Christmas Box giveaway, which will be open for 48 hours.

Each Christmas Box contains one book from my list of favourites (all Paranormal, but a mix of YA/Adult), and some other cozy goodies to go along with them (think candles, chocolate, you know the drill!) I will be posting these on my page (www.facebook.com/sloanemurphybooks) so make sure you're following me over there so you don't miss out!

Its time to bring some joy!!!!

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