Remy & Roman

Exclusive Chapter

For my amazing readers, here is what you asked me for, especially for you. Though I do recommend reading the excerpt available from the back of A Crown of Shadows and Secrets first. You can find it HERE



I never thought much of Lycans before this life. Of course, I’d known a few. Good and bad. And since discovering the truth about the factions not being mindless, murderous creatures, I’ve done what I can to help the good along the way. 

What I never expected, was to fall in love with one. Especially not this one. The newly crowned Alpha of Alphas. That cocky son of a bitch I met two years ago in a tavern, turned out to be a jealous, possessive asshole, with a heart of gold. 

Is he a pain in my ass? Yes, at least eighty percent of the time. Do I love that we have to hide the fact that we’re together? Not even a little. Maybe one day we can be open with our friends and family, but tensions between our two factions are too high right now. Even as the Alpha of Alphas, Roman can’t announce it. His seat could be challenged, and I’m not going to be the cause of his death. In this life or another.

I look around the tavern, the very one we met in all those months ago, and smile. Not much here has changed. The lycans are still rowdy as hell, though most of them have gotten used to me being around now. My every move is still watched, but people aren’t as on edge as they once were. Not that anyone would utter a word of me being here, my reputation still holds.

I finish the last of my drink and head to the house down the way, by the river, that I procured several months ago. Not having a home base was driving me insane. Plus, I needed somewhere to keep my blades when I wasn’t hunting. 

I close the door behind me, leaving it unlatched, hoping that he’ll come tonight. It’s been two weeks since I saw him last. While for an immortal, that is but a drop of time, I am, essentially, mortal. Two weeks feels like forever.


I shrug out of the leather overcoat, kick off my boots and reach behind me to untie the blasted corset that binds me, when I feel his heat on my back.


“You came.” I sigh with a smile as his fingers interlock with mine.


“You knew I would.” His low gravelly voice whispers in my ear, his breath on my neck sending shivers down my spine. He spins me in his arms and captures my face in his hands before kissing me, stealing my breath. My hands fist in his shirt, pulling him closer to me. Two weeks is far too long to be away from the person you love. 


He pulls back from our kiss, chest heaving as he catches his breath and rests his forehead on mine. “Remy, you know how much I love you, how much I hate being gone from you. I’ve had a long time to think about it, but I want to be official, even if we can’t tell the world. You are my mate. I know you feel it as much as I do. As much as my wolf does. Be mine, let us complete the bond, so that even when we’re apart, we’re together.”


I take a step back from him, trying to get some distance, so I can take in his words.


His mate.


I know he mentioned it before, but I didn’t think it was possible for a Lycan to mate with another faction. I am not the kind to be tied down. I wander where my heart leads me. Though my heart led me to him. To this life. “What would that mean for me? For us?” I ask, trying to keep the hesitancy from my voice. The last thing I want is to hurt him, but this is a lot.


“It means that you’re mine. Always. Our souls are intertwined, even in death. You will hold a piece of me with you, and likewise. It means there will be no other for me. You are it. Lycans mate for life. I love you Remy, even without the bond, you’re mine.”


“How does it work?” I worry my lip, this is big. Like, really big. Especially since I don’t remember everything in each of my lives. What if I don’t remember this, and he comes for me? What if I fall in love with somebody else?


“We’ll worry about that if it happens.” He says, capturing my face again and I realize I spoke out loud. “Be mine, Remy. It is simple, we speak the sacred words, and seal it with a blood exchange. While we fuck. An animal at its most vulnerable, and most open.”


He kisses me again and all thoughts wipe from my wind as his hands run down my sides and grip my ass, before whispering sweet nothings as he kisses down my neck.




Never in my entire existence, did I think I’d find my mate. It’s unheard of to mate outside of the faction, but I am struck. Everything about her makes my wolf scream ‘mine’. The way she feels, tastes, her scent. I want to claim every fucking perfect inch of her, and keep her as mine for the rest of eternity. Her being a hunter makes it more complicated, but my wolf doesn’t give a fuck. He wants her, and he wants her now. 

I won’t make the bond if she really doesn’t want it, but fuck, it's taken everything in me not to just claim her and ask for forgiveness after already.

I mean, she'd eventually forgive me, right?

As I watch all the different emotions cross her beautiful face, I repeat the sacred words in my head, memorize them without a fault. I imagine her sinking onto my dick, repeating those irrevocable promises and I yearn to mark her with my hands, my teeth, spoil her with my come all over her body. 

I'm so engrossed in my filthy fantasy that I miss the moment she starts to speak. When my eyes focus on her delicate, yet determined, features, I realize her decision is made. It's in the lift of her chin, the steel of her spine and the iron clad set of her jaw. I watch as her chest heaves once, then again and it feels as if my world is teetering on the edge between life and death. Her next words will define me for the rest of eternity because I know, without a doubt, that Remy is it. She's the calm to my rage, the heat to my desire, the heart to my love. She's the reason I go into battle and the prize for finding peace.

She's the half of my soul I didn't even know it was missing before I found her. If she refuses me, I will respect her choice but fuck if she thinks I’ll give up, because I won’t. Ever.


Her voice is strong, leaving no room for dispute but I've done such a great job convincing myself of her refusal that her one word doesn't quite hit its mark.

"I'm sorry?" Fucking lame, Roman. You are the Alpha of all Alphas and this is your best game? Really?

"We do it tonight," she repeats, a little slowly as though I need help understanding. "You're right, Roman. Why avoid the inevitable? I can't imagine a moment of my life without you."

In the seconds between her first word and the last, my entire body goes from tense to savage. I'm no longer worried, I'm fucking starving for her. My wolf is demanding I devour her from the inside out. I can feel my heartbeat accelerating and my chest rising as my breaths come in harder and faster as though I've just run a fucking marathon.

"Do not play with me, Princess. Once we start this, there is no way to stop. There's no way for me, to stop." Fucking hell, why am I trying to dissuade her? 

With trembling hands, I waste no time getting rid of my clothes; practically ripping my shirt off as I wait for her to back away and revaluate her answer. 

I'm throwing my tattered shirt away when I hear the sweetest words dancing from her lips.

"I want this, Roman. I want it now." Her raspy voice goes straight to my dick, which is already straining towards her.

I have no fucking clue how I went from standing two feet in front of Remy to having her sandwiched between me and a hard wall. 

"It won't be sweet, Princess. And it won't be fast. Are you prepared for that?" I'm growling in her ear, my teeth nipping at her neck, itching to draw blood, craving to combine ours and make us joined as one for the universe to acknowledge. 

"I don't want sweet. And the longer the better." Her sass earns her nip from my canine, a drop of her blood blooming to the surface, calling to my wolf and every single one of my possessive instincts. 

"Remember that when you beg me to stop. Because you will, but I warned you." She barely has the time to gasp when I reach up to find her corset the only thing between me and her skin. Growling from deep within, I rip the shit right off of her with zero regrets.

"Hey! That was the only sexy thing I owned." She's faux pouting but I don't even have the mental capacity to play this game with her. I need her on a level so deep and life sustaining that anything coming between me and her will have to die an undignified death.

"From now on," I make sure she's looking right at me, that she sees the serious nature of my next declaration. I'm not playing, here. "Naked, is the sexiest thing you own. When you need me to fuck you, you get naked. When you want me to worship you, you get naked. When you need my undivided attention, you get naked."

Dropping to my knees, I run my large hands down the sides of her leather clad thighs, my nose and mouth in a direct line to the most intimate part of her. 

"When your pussy is hungry for my mouth, my tongue, my dick, you get fucking naked. Do you understand me?" I throw a glance her way just in time to see her nodding, her breaths getting shallower by the second. 

"These pants aren't going to survive this, either."I don't give her time to object, their fate is the same as the corset. 

Only when finally, fucking finally, she's completely naked in front of me, do I take a deep breath in and admire the art of her body. The tone, athletic build of her muscles. The silk that is her skin. The scent that is all her. It makes my mouth water like a fucking starving wolf ready to tear into his next meal. And that meal is her delicious pussy. 

I can feel her trembling beneath my touch and it makes my inner animal boast with pride. I do this to her. Me. A fucking Lycan who doesn't deserve a second with her, let alone the rest of eternity. 

"If you don't put your mouth on my pussy, Roman, I will force feed you!"

Nope, I will never deserve her.

With both of her bare ass cheeks in my sprawled hands, I squeeze, hard before bringing my nose to her lips and inhaling deeply. Breathing it all in. Every nuance of her scent is there for the claiming and I'm a greedy motherfucker.

Taking one of her toned legs, I place it over my shoulder and immediately latch my mouth onto her pussy. I'm kissing her lips, my tongue going in deep, my nose buried in her mound, I'm fucking her with my mouth and loving every moan, every gasp and every shake of her legs. She can barely hold herself up, but I don't give her any leeway. I don't give her any mercy. She needs to get used to the fact that when I fuck her, I will fuck her with my whole body, my entire soul. 

Every. Fucking. Time. 

"Oh Roman, I can't..."

"You can. You fucking will."

I lift her other leg, pushing her up over my entire face, pulling her down so I can get as deep inside her as I can. She's howling like a wolf, her juices flowing out of her as she comes on my face and holy fucking hell, I almost come without so much as a touch at the sound of her. At the feel of her orgasm. At the scent of her arousal. 

That's what makes me get up. I take her to the bed and rip my own clothes off before I find myself on top of her, my dick throbbing from the pain of my restraint. "You are the sexiest woman in the fucking universe when you come. And you are mine, Princess."

With my dick sliding across her soaked pussy, I take a few minutes to ravage her with my mouth. I kiss her navel, twisting my tongue inside, watching her reaction as I do. Moving up to her breasts, I take one, then the other in my mouth. Pulling, then sucking them, I do it to the point of pain. She's beautiful when's she lost in sensation. She's not an angel, she's the goddamn halo of one. The light that surrounds all that is good. 

And she's mine. No fucking doubts about that. 

I let my tongue run up the side of her neck, taking a small bite before reaching her mouth at the same time as my dick is back on her pussy, ready to slam into her.

"Say it," I whisper into her mouth. "Tell me we're doing this." I'm giving her one last out but fucking hell, I hope she doesn't take it. 

"Tell me what to say."

I almost cry with gratitude but I'm too fucking horny to form tears. My dick is at her entrance, the head burning with want, my balls aching with their need to spill my seed into her.

"Með lawsrinn ór gamall,inn ok maktinn ór nrinnýr, let okkarr tveir souls munu bondeð. Með blood, bindingrinn er gerumk."

As I finish my words, I push into her slowly, until my head hits the deepest part of her and her pussy squeezes the life out of my cock. She's heaven. Everything about her is fucking paradise. 

But then she repeats the sacred words of our union, and I'm a fucking goner."Með lawsrinn ór gamall,inn ok maktinn ór nrinnýr, let okkarr tveir souls munu bondeð. Með blood, bindingrinn er gerumk." Her accent is all wrong, her pronunciation leaves much to be desired but I give zero fucking fucks at this point. With those words, the only thing to finalize our union is me coming inside her and our blood meshing together into one entity. 

With a groan coming from deep in her throat, her back arches into me and my dick goes impossibly deeper.


"So fucking good, Roman," she mewls and I lose myself to her a little more. 

Resting one hand on the bed next to her head, the other clamped onto her hip, I rise up a little more and pull almost all the way out then slam right back into her.



On the third time, she's got her legs wrapped so tightly around my waist she almost cuts off my circulation.


We're not making love right now. 

We're fucking like animals. The only sounds are the slapping of our skins, the grunts of our thrusts, the groans of our pleasure.



"Mine, mine."

Thrust, thrust.

"Fucking mine, always."

I can't get enough of her and I'm not ready to come yet. She needs to give me another one of her orgasms before I can fill her with my essence. 

Kneeling at her entrance, I fold her knees and push both her thighs up to her chest, exposing both her pussy and her asshole to me. She's glorious. Absolutely mesmerizing. 

Stabilizing her, I fuck her hard. I fuck her like my life depends on it. Going deep and coming out shallow. Then driving back in one smooth move. Using my thumb, I push inside her asshole and alternate my thrusts between my dick and my thumb. She's unravelling, her moans are erratic, her back is completely arched as though being pulled by a string through the grace of god himself. 

I do this to her. 

When her fists latch onto the sheets of my bed, hard enough to make them tear I know I've got her. With my other hand, I reach up and circle her wet, engorged clit and revel in the sight of my mate coming undone for me.

Losing her goddamn mind, just for me. 

But I'm not done yet. 

Like a ragdoll, I pick her up and turn her around, her ass up and ready for the taking. 

"Everyone of your holes belongs to me, Princess. From this moment until the end of our universe."

She nods, but her eyes are unfocused as she rides the high she's on. Her ass is ready for me, I made sure of that. Slowly, I push into her and the tight feel of that sacred ring of muscles makes me grit my teeth. I don't want to hurt her.

That's not completely true. My wolf wants to sink his teeth in her, finish the fucking ritual. Own her completely and without a fucking doubt.

But I have to come first. 

Like a glove, her ass envelops me perfectly, like we were made for each other. Like our bodies were shaped from the same mold. Pulling out, I revel in the feel of her silky heat. Pushing back in, I can tell she's adjusted to my girth, she's not longer taking deep breaths to relax. 

I fuck her hard, I can’t hold back and control myself. I need her on every primal level, and I can feel my wolf below the surface, clawing at me to take her in every way possible. On her hands and knees, she even looks like an animal. Just like me. She may not be of my faction but right there, in my room, on my bed, fucking on my dick, she's just as much a beast as I am. 

My fingers grip her skin so tightly I'm afraid I'll break her skin, she’s definitely going to bruise, but a part of me likes that she’ll have more than one mark from me before we’re done. The thought makes me roar out my orgasm. I barely feel the heated tingling at the base of my spine, ignore the rush of adrenaline as my come leaves my balls and spills into her ass like a waterfall. 


I shouldn't have worried about breaking her skin with my claws because as my seed erupts from the head of my cock, I lurch forward, grab her by the front of her throat and sink my beastly teeth into the delicate skin of her shoulder. With every thrust forward, my teeth sink deeper. I can barely hear her cry through the rush of blood that takes my brain hostage for what feels like days. 

When I feel the last remnants of my seed leaving my body, I slowly pulls away from her body and am already fearing the worst. 

Will she hate for being so brutal?

Will she be disgusted with me? Insulted that I could treat her like a savage. 

But when she turns her head to face me, all I see is love, acceptance and a sense of serenity that hadn't been there before.

"Are you okay?" I ask her, almost hesitantly, as I pull out of her ass and grab the nearest piece of clothing to wipe myself down.

"Next time, can I bite you too?"

Yeah, I don't deserve this woman but fuck if I'm ever giving her up.